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Opera only CSS hack

Donnerstag, den 29. November 2007

Sometimes everything is perfect. Your template looks great in Firefox, IE6 and IE7 and even Safari.
You are ready to implement the whole thing into Your CMS like RedDot or TYPO3 and then you open your Opera browser….
So, for all of you searching a way for a selector which is only interpreted through this wonderful […]

Different languages, different structure - same CMS

Mittwoch, den 7. November 2007

Since a few weeks I’m reading and sometimes writing some comments in the Google RedDot CMS usergroup.
Paul from the UCB-Group is asking there, what many clients asked before and no CMS I know by now (wether RedDot, TYPO3, Weblication nor wordpress) is able to manage.
I guess my question really should have been how do you […]