Different languages, different structure - same CMS

Languagevariants RedDot TYPO3 and structureSince a few weeks I’m reading and sometimes writing some comments in the Google RedDot CMS usergroup.
Paul from the UCB-Group is asking there, what many clients asked before and no CMS I know by now (wether RedDot, TYPO3, Weblication nor wordpress) is able to manage.

I guess my question really should have been how do you actually move a page in one languagevariant but not the
others? If your language variant has a slightly different structure you could well end up with pages in different sections in each languagevariant.

Much to my regret I think Paul is right here. There is actually no best practice to build up several structures within one project with many languagevariants. As far as I know there are some solutions fluttering around in the reddotsphere, but no real - howto -
In the RedDot CMS for example Paul proposes this “solution”

The only way we can see this could be done is to create a copy of the page and delete the original, losing the link… But that seems rather daft…

In TYPO3 I acutally don’t have a clue, because you don’t switch between language variants, you have the structure in the main language and the content inside the pages in a listed overview ordered by language.
Maybe for RedDot the developers which are sitting in Oldenburg and reading my blog [Google Analytics ;)] can add some comments for this problem, maybe there is an other way than copy, move and delete. Of course a advantage in RedDot is, that you can create an own structure in every language variant. The next problem you will get into with this way is, that the translation for contents placed in different structure items is not easy to handle.
Another question is, how to manage all that stuff, using the “RedDot Navigation Manager”, because there is no longer a targetcontainer required (for easy structures) but ca a content containing the navigation manager list be used twice inside the Navigation Manager?

To find a best practice solution remains exciting, and I hope in the project I’m in acutally I will find the time to write a documentation how this could be solved.

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