Installing RedDot CMS 7.5 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with IIS6 and MSSQL 2005

Short reminder to myself: When installing a fresh and clean RedDot CMS on a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, verify first, that the automatic updates from Microsoft are disabled. Or when you triple-checked everything you never had to check twice before..

It took me about 3 hours to find out, that the admin who told me that he installed a completely new Windows 2003 with IIS 6 didn’t tell me that he also installed the latest update packages from Microsoft(because a normal admin has to do so). So we had on the server the unstable .NET Framework 3.o and a bunch of .NET 1.0 with an update to 1.1 and of course .NET 2.0.

RedDot 7.5 CMS error during install on MS Windows 2003 with IIS and MSSQL2005
The error of the day award goes to “Error while authenticating user ‘…\ RedDotUser’ -1 ERROR[RDCMSUserAuth.AuthenticateUser]: ADSI error message: The network path was not accepted”

After checking the installed assemblies in the GAC (global asselmbly cache) via the “Add/Remove Software” button I discovered this little unimportance.. A little later (after smashing my head three, four or fifty times against the display) I tried to uninstall .NET 3.0 and of course, you can’t uninstall it just like that.. The system seems to “keep” some files from the .NET 3.0 installation and with that the RedDot install stucks when you are coming to the point, where you have to create the sysuser “RedDotUser”.

So next time I will check:

  • installed service packs
  • installed .NET frameworks
  • the sysads responsibility (because the more he is the less you can install RedDot - therefore he’s not to blame but RedDot )

Ok, what’s next? You can’t keep the system on this security level. So next step for a non-virtual install is creating an image with Norton Ghost and install service packs and updateds stepwise (Microsoft service packs and updates not .NET 3.0 doh!)

Best practice as always is a virtual machine, where you can reset the latest stable status. Not necessary for a single install you might think? Yeah, maybe, but when your RedDot Partner develops for you on his own system and then he tries to import it to your install it might become a weekend long night, because your system isn’t exactly the same like the developers. That shouldn’t matter you say? Believe me - it does!

No matter if you are an agency, developer or end-user/administrator, invest a bit more in a virtual setup for your RedDot CMS, you wouldn’t regret it and you’ll save a lot of time not only during install but also in development and enhancing your RedDot system.

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