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Create a breadcrumb in RedDot CMS with render tags and hide it in your project by using a query

Montag, den 28. Januar 2008

Sharon from the Google Grous “RedDot CMS” asked me, how to hide your breadcrumb (or any other element) on a page (e.g. the “home” of your website). So here’s a short description using render tags and a simple query for creating a XHTML-valid breadcrumb navigation:



 <query valuea="<%inf_pageGUID%>" operator="!=" valueb="String:123CDDB..">

  <htmltext><ul id="breadcrumb"></htmltext>

  <foreach itemname="item" object="Context:CurrentIndex.GetPathArray()">


Execute code only on the RedDot CMS server by using render tags

Montag, den 21. Januar 2008

A nice and new feature comes with the RedDot Navigation Manager, It's called "render tags". With those tags you can do a bunch of things, but today I will only show you one thing because too much show is less information and this is no homeshopping channel.
This cool tag is called "CurrentRenderMode"-Tag. Use it, if [...]

RedDot render tags and nested if-queries

Freitag, den 4. Januar 2008

Never try to nest a render tag <if> query in another <if>..
It may kill some services, which are necessary for the Navigation Manager and the other render tags.
But the RedDot guys are working on it (I hope so..).
Update (16:02)
Ok, I set the "flags" value in the RDServer.ini (inside RedDot\ASP-Folder) to "256". This value says "create [...]

Es heisst übrigens RedDot CMS und TYPO3 und nicht Reddot CMS oder typo3…

Dienstag, den 1. Januar 2008

Wer Partner sein will muss lesen. Und da steht in den Statuten der RedDot Solutions AG, dass man zum einen als allererstes immer "RedDot Content Managment System" schreibt und danach erst RedDot CMS abkürzen darf wenn man das ganze in seinem Text (als RedDot Partner) verwendet. Und dann stehen da auch noch andere Sachen drin. [...]