RedDot render tags and nested if-queries

RedDot render tagsNever try to nest a render tag <if> query in another <if>..

It may kill some services, which are necessary for the Navigation Manager and the other render tags.
But the RedDot guys are working on it (I hope so..).

Update (16:02)
Ok, I set the “flags” value in the RDServer.ini (inside RedDot\ASP-Folder) to “256″. This value says “create PreExecutefiles inside the RedDot-Folder”. You can do this for debugging RedDot PreExecute areas. A list of available flags, as far as I know them are:

flags=0 Navgation Manager deactivated
flags=256 Keep creating temporary PreExecute-Files, Navgation Manager deactivated
flags=1024 Navgation Manager activated, no PreExecute-Files
flags=1280 Navgation Manager activated+Keep creating temporary PreExecute-Files

RedDot RDServer.ini Screenshot

Update (20080122 - 16:27)
This only happens when you nest <if>-queries with render tags like this:

         <query valuea=”<%!! Context:CurrentRenderMode !!%>” operator=”!=” valueb=”Int:2″>
             <query valuea=”<%std_css_media%>” operator=”!=” valueb=”String:stylesheet-reddot”>
			@import url(”<%med_header_file%>”);
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7 Reaktionen zu “RedDot render tags and nested if-queries”

  1. cyberRodent

    No nested If statements or you might crash your server? This is considered acceptable for a professional CMS? I’m only just starting with Red Dot CMS but seeing this sort of issue scares me. Is this a real practical problem with Red Dot or is this an edge case that you don’t hit against in common use?

  2. Markus Giesen

    It doesn’t crash the server but every other render tag on the same page may not be executed which is a bit annoying expecially when it comes to localization of the error.

  3. Jurgen

    Hi. We’ve used nested “if” queries the way below:

    We’ve used “htmltext” tag opening and closing, then inserting “if” statement, then reopening and recloseing “htmltext”. Looks a little messy but works.

  4. Markus Giesen

    Hi J├╝rgen, that’s another way of doing it. In fact you can create them the way above, then there is also the or you don’t even have to nest them you just put them after another which works fine too.

  5. Maximilian Busch

    I’m working with nested if queries and everything’s fine about it - using Should I worry about it? Perhaps this issue was fixed during the last months or weeks?

  6. Markus Giesen

    As long as it works I wouldn’t worry. Maybe this has been fixed or “changed” :)
    Thanks for updating!