Why is there no existing RedDot CMS community like other?

I’m RedDot CMS developer for about 4 years and I’m a bit irritated, that there is so precious little free information or knowledgesharing on that topic.
J.G., german senior web developer

A reddot rambo doesn't share his knowledge with other RedDot developers.A note I read this week, from a web developer, working for a well known web agency. And I had to think, that he’s right. Why are just a few people sharing their knowledge with others? And why in the CMS market just on the RedDot theme? With the free CMS TYPO3 you will find a number of communities, blogs, tutorials and many other stuff. But for RedDot? Nearly nothing. Is it because no one wants to share their experience? Are you afraid your technology could be stolen or re-used and taken for other projects, which wont pay you? Ok, right. This could happen and it happens every day. But always such parts of development are enhanced and upgraded. So what is better? Beeing a one man show without any RedDot Partners to share your knowledge with? In return you will be out of date soon and when you launch your “new and super Web 2.0″ RedDot projects it’s still one of the copycats, because you’ve been to slow, because you had to do all the stuff on your own. Go on RedDot CMS rambos do the highlander thing “in the end, there can be only one.”!

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5 Reaktionen zu “Why is there no existing RedDot CMS community like other?”

  1. RedDot Usergroup

    Hi Markus,

    the RedDot Usergroup is currently working on a website-relaunch. This will include a new (and hopefully more active) forum and a wiki with RedDot knowledge (i.e. Navigation Manager concepts, Best Practice, Do’s and Dont’s). We initiated a “RedDot competence team” consisting of both end users and RedDot partners alike to encourage people to share some of their CMS experience.

    The next RDUG meeting will be held on Feb, 18th in Stuttgart (http://rdug.de/deu/116144_116592.php), hope to see you there. You are very welcome to join the team. ;)

  2. Markus Giesen

    Sounds great! I think that could be a reason for me to visit the RDUG meeting.

  3. Morgan Ritchings

    Hey Markus,

    You might want to check out and contribute to reddotwiki.com. I’m adding info but at a pretty slow pace.

    - Morgan

  4. Markus Giesen

    Hey Morgan, that’s a nice idea. We discussed this today in the reddotusergroup and they already started a wiki on their own. The plan is to give it a basic filling and publish it to everyone. The pro for this wiki is, that it’s a standalone mediawiki. Yours is a bit full of ads and links to other topics beacause its a free wiki service. What do you think about a standalone version?

  5. John

    You should think about posting some YouTube video tutorials for RedDot. I know it’s a lot of work but I’m sure it would be much appreciated.