Monatsarchiv für März 2008

RedDot CMS “switch-case-alike” freakout!

Sonntag, den 23. März 2008

Here's just a small code snippet which will fight down some of your daily RedDot horror moments:



    <query valuea="<%opt_fieldtype%>" operator="==" valueb="String:optionOne">

      <htmltext>Case one</htmltext>


    <query type="else">


        <query valuea="<%opt_fieldtype%>" operator="==" valueb="String:optionTwo">

          <htmltext>Case Two</htmltext>



Latest TYPO3 project finally online

Samstag, den 22. März 2008

Finally the agency Will & Bok and I made it this week. We relaunched the new TYPO3 based portal The topic on this portal is living, renovating and building.

For the start we imported 380 recordsets with best quality content, so that search enginges can find adequate content from scratch. The complete project is based [...]

Best practice - Imagemaps in RedDot CMS

Freitag, den 21. März 2008

Craig from New York asked in the RedDot googlegroup if there is a way to build an imagemap in the RedDot CMS and make it editable by non-HTML knowing editors. I think for simple rectangle imagemaps it is. Here is my short summup of how I did it:
I added in the RedDotEditOnlyMode a DIV-Tag with [...]

Using the RedDot CMS Query Language (RQL) outside from RedDot

Donnerstag, den 6. März 2008

Hello RedDot CMS partners! And hello RedDot developers! A little snippet to play with. Just for those who did not know until now.
For using RQL scripts outside of RedDot you have to copy the file "Reddot.CMS.Rql.dll" which can be found in "\RedDot\CMS\GAC"
After that "include" the DLL inside your Scriptpage (i prefer .NET) with:

using Reddot.CMS.Rql;

namespace [...]

Bloody RedDot CMS Cache

Montag, den 3. März 2008

Hello Mr. Cache, today I write you to inform you and your friends, Mr. Pagebuilder and Mrs. ProjectGUID, that I found your nest! And I also found the reason, why images referenced by other image elements via RQL are not shown in the RedDot CMS SmartEdit mode.
Yes it's simple and we both know that it [...]