Bloody RedDot CMS Cache

Hello Mr. Cache, today I write you to inform you and your friends, Mr. Pagebuilder and Mrs. ProjectGUID, that I found your nest! And I also found the reason, why images referenced by other image elements via RQL are not shown in the RedDot CMS SmartEdit mode.

Yes it's simple and we both know that it is - now! But it was hard work to find out, that I have to clear the pagecache everytime I reference another image element.

So thank you for NOT telling me! But I found a way out of this "whole page cache deleting" thing. I found out how to delete just A SINGLE page from the holy RedDot CMS Pagebuilder cache! yeah!

And here it is, the "simple" RQL-statement:

  1. strXmlData =  "<IODATA loginguid=\"" + strLoginGuid + "\" sessionkey=\"" + strSessionKey + "\">";
  2. strXmlData +=     "<PAGEBUILDER projectguid=\"" + strProjectGuid + "\">";
  3. strXmlData +=         "<PAGE action=\"delete\" donotdelete=\"\" guid=\"" + strPageGuid + "\" />";
  4. strXmlData +=     "</PAGEBUILDER>";
  5. strXmlData += "</IODATA>";

Dodge this!

!! Updated version for single pages !!

Follow this link for the new snippet!

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5 Reaktionen zu “Bloody RedDot CMS Cache”

  1. Stefan P.

    Super Eintrag :)

  2. Daniel K.

    Markus! Wir nennen diese Themen immer Cachekacke.

    Du hast recht: And to those who just pull out, come on! Give something back!

    So und jetzt werde ich mal heilig: Geben ist seliger denn nehmen! Wenn jeder gibt was er hat, dann werden alle satt!

  3. Schwaben-Mikka

    Markus… you’re a reddotgod! CU

  4. anwar


    Is there any way to delete the navigation cache for all project GUIDS via RQL ?