Latest TYPO3 project finally online

Finally the agency Will & Bok and I made it this week. We relaunched the new TYPO3 based portal The topic on this portal is living, renovating and building. Relaunch Screenshot

For the start we imported 380 recordsets with best quality content, so that search enginges can find adequate content from scratch. The complete project is based on TYPO3, combined with tt_news, tipafriend, a modified version of timtab_sociable, realurl with fetching url data from news-title and many other stuff.

We decided to take OpenX as our advertizing server. It’s a very good, scalable solution and the release of the newest version about 3 weeks ago came just in time.

Ok, I guess this is boring for you, but I just wanted to say thank you for your help, especially:

  • Daniel Selinger(wheres your website dude?), for his support and some hints, when I had questions
  • Gajendram Somasundaram, for his concept and the ideas we shared and realised in this project
  • The team from Will & Bok, for their confidence and the great coffee mugs ;)
  • Georg Ringer for his ingenious TYPO3 extensions
  • And so many other people, but this is TYPO3, this is why I love the thing I do… (yea, ok, I will stop now)

I am curious about the next week. There’s a large RedDot CMS project waitig for the launch and after this week I hope I will see some of you guys at the T3BOARD in Laax this year! Beeing a TYPO3 freelancer rocks. When you have to work with the RedDot CMS sometimes until midnight you learn to love the TYPO3 developer living ;)

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2 Reaktionen zu “Latest TYPO3 project finally online”

  1. Georg Ringer

    Hi Markus,

    thanks for the very nice words and Happy Easter!

  2. Daniel Selinger

    Hi Markus,

    a little accident happened to my database, so I had to start over…
    But now it’s on again.

    Thx for the credits btw :)