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10 RedDot CMS elements - RedDot development and element name conventions

Samstag, den 26. April 2008

Ok, there you are, you developed this great solution with your RedDot CMS, maybe you are calling yourself a RedDot Partner and you think your solution is so called “state of the art”? And then, half a year later your main RedDot CMS developer is on vacation - but your client needs an urgent template […]

Using the RedDot CMS if-else for a language switch

Dienstag, den 22. April 2008

What a nice idea! Daniel Kasimirowicz, the main writer from the RedDot Usergroup blog has written a nice example how to use my last posted code for his intranet portal. The requirement was a language switch for english content, if this is given. Daniel just created the english pages inside the german language variant, inside […]