Monatsarchiv für Mai 2008

The RedDot CMS in three sentences - Das RedDot CMS in 3 Sätzen

Samstag, den 17. Mai 2008

- To me RedDot is like a love-hate.
- On the one hand it has taken way too much time until the Navigation Manager arrived (which still isn’t perfect), on the other hand this platform is so flexible and well tought-out, that I hardly ever had to say “It won’t work”, somehow or other there was […]

RedDot CMS security bug - Have you already patched your system to avoid SQL injection?

Samstag, den 10. Mai 2008

RedDot partners and clients might have been wondering, that RedDot contacts them without any ad stuff, but the information, that there is a bug in the RedDot version < that allows everyone who has access to the RedDot CMS login mask executing SQL code. This could mean for example, that a user just executes […]