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Never touch a running search and replace - or switch to another language variant

Sonntag, den 29. Juni 2008

Don RedDot fighting against the RedDot CMS windmill
Just quick and dirty the ticket content as a citation, which reached me yesterday:
Just NEVER change during a “search and replace” job the language variant. This causes fatal consequences for the project and the health of the author (in this example - me). I never saw a […]

Free RedDot .NET Wrapper published by John Allen

Mittwoch, den 18. Juni 2008

Woohoo! What a pleasure! A few days ago I was talking to John Allen, RedDot Webmaster and .Net developer working for and managing the RedDot based website of the Slough Borough Council.
He told me of his RedDot .Net wrapper and I am happy to announce, that he decided to publish it and share in the […]