RedDot CMS goes Open Source - Enhance your CMS projects!

Three cheers for Frederic Hemberger who published today two nice “Plugin”-like code snippets to enhance your project

1. RedDot UI: DragSort

A little tool, that lets you sort your lists inside RedDot via Drag ‘n’ Drop.  It’s using the jquery Javascript Framework and some ASP code, which contains some RQL(RedDot Query Language). Just a feature every RedDot CMS author was looking for a loooong time.

Download it here or from Freds page.

2. RedDot UI: Report

If your webmaster is not busy enough, or maybe you want to give your authors a real chance, to get problems solved by sending a standardized bug report, then this is what you have to install (ok, just copy and embed) on your server/project. I think RedDot CMS partners and developers will love to use this and enhance their projects with it.

Download it here or from Freds page.

Both extensions are licensed under a Creative Common license (

Fred suggest to copy both “extensions” into your ASP folder. To keep your server clean I would treat them like PlugIns and just copy them into the PlugIns folder. What do you think about it?

It’s nice to see, that people start sharing their ideas to make the RedDot CMS a better tool.  A good example for that is also John Allens RustyLogic .NET wrapper.

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10 Reaktionen zu “RedDot CMS goes Open Source - Enhance your CMS projects!”

  1. Sara

    Dear Markus,
    i tried RedDot UI: DragSort on RedDot CMS Version 6.5 Build, but i’d got a problem.
    The plugin worked properly but the order of the pages was restored as the original after closing the page and also in the page preview i can’t see the correct order set by the plugin.

    Best Regards,

  2. Markus Giesen

    Hi Sara, I guess Frederic just tested it with Version later than 7.5 but I will ask him, or you can do it on his blog.

  3. Sara

    Yes, you’re right.
    I tested it within CMS Version 7.5 Build and it worked properly.

    Thank’s a lot.


  4. Markus Giesen

    I’m wondering, that there are still so many projects running under RedDot CMS 6.5 and below…
    Why don’t you upgrade?

  5. Sara

    Yes, I’m still working on some projects running under RedDot CMS 6.5. This a customer choose because upgrading on big projects imply lot of time and also content management locking.

  6. Markus Giesen

    But in 7.5 you have sooooo many new features… ;o) Ok, sorry.

    I agree that upgrading is not that easy but what about using DirectEdit and stuff like that? Couldn’t that be a motivation for your clients to update their RedDot CMS?

    btw. It’s nice to see, that you also have TYPO3 in your portfolio ;) Is there a CMS you prefer between those two?

  7. Sara

    I never developed projects within TYPO3. My collegues did it.
    I know RedDot CMS only so I can’t say which one i prefer.


  8. Markus Giesen

    You should try TYPO3 (even if you will start envying your colleagues) there are several ideas and methods you can combine with the knowledge of both.
    For example the much-lauded navigation manager released for the RedDot CMS in 2005 was already invented years before in TYPO3.

  9. Frederic Hemberger

    Hi Sara,

    maybe I can help with the problem. ;)

    First of all, there is one detail i missed to mention in the documentation (I’ll fix this within the next few days): You have to click the Sort-RedDod once to start sorting, then you’ll have to click it again after you finished sorting. I chose this method to prevent the script from firing lots of RQL-requests at the server (This was already discussed in the RedDot Usergroup forums, german only).

    Actually, I’m thinking about integrating both possibilites in a future release and let the template developer choose one which fits best.

    If you have any further questions, please drop me a mail, I’ll see what I can do.

  10. Frederic Hemberger

    UPDATE: rdUIDragSort 1.1 released!
    There are now two different sorting methods:

    Direct Sort:
    Direct Sort is the sorting introduced in the initial release. It behaves just like the Direct Edit feature in RedDot: Click the sort red dot once to activate sorting, click the save red dot to save sort order.

    This new sorting method is activated on page load, the sort order is saved directly at rearrangement of elements. Keep in mind, that this feature requires more RQL calls and is not recommended for slow servers with lots of concurrent SmartEdit users.

    You can get the update here: , feedback appreciated.