New RedDot CMS author aboard - Welcome Frederic Hemberger

Frederic Hemberger, young and genius RedDot CMS web developer living and working in cologne for the RedDot Partner today agreed to write some RedDot footage in this blog, which makes me happy happy and jumping around because this would mean, that I can make vacation ;o)

Welcome Fred, I’m impatiently waiting to see what helpful and interesting stuff you might publish!

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Eine Reaktion zu “New RedDot CMS author aboard - Welcome Frederic Hemberger”

  1. fhemberger

    Thanks Markus for the nice introduction. ;)

    Time will tell, to what degree my postings here can be considered “ingeniuos”, but your blog offers a nice opportunity to to put up some opinions for discussion. It is the only RedDot blog I know sofar.

    Beware, Oldenburg! The RedDot boys are on the loose!