New RedDot CMS plug-in: Clipboard Publisher released!

As Markus mysteriously disappeared from the Net, I have to write this shameless self marketing rant myself. ;) This is part three of my first “RedDot triology”:

With this plug-in you can publish all selected pages in the clipboard at once and choose publishing settings for all affected pages globally. You can choose to publish related and following pages as well, the publishing report will be sent to the currently logged-in user automatically.

As always, you can grab it directly from my website – and like my RedDot user interface extensions it is released under a Creative Commons license, so it’s free for you to use even in commercial projects. However, if you have use for this plug-in and appreciate my work, maybe you consider a small donation via PayPal.

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Eine Reaktion zu “New RedDot CMS plug-in: Clipboard Publisher released!”

  1. Markus

    just give me some time..
    I’m a bit stressed out by some RedDot CMS projects and some nicer TYPO3 projects coming up this week.
    I tested your plugin on one of my projects but a RedDot bug with the Navigation Manager causes the project to being published completely when I just try to publish one page.
    The Pagebuilder can’t handle render tag links created via GUID and GetUrl Method. It always follows the link (which is the sitemap link) and rocks on and on like a good publisher has to…