RedDot CMS fashion line?

At the moment I’m working at a gentle client with some RedDot CMS servers and a RedDot LiveServer based Intranet. About 3500 employees and around 150 RedDot editors are working with this setup.

We have a great intranet webmasterteam with 3 persons to keep that whole thing running. Sadly one of the RedDot Admins - Verena - has to leave soon. So we prepared a little gift which also explains why she will leave.

RedDot CMS - romper suit front RedDot CMS romper suit back
The RedDot Baby 2.0 romper suit - in stores NOW!

Thank you for the good time Verena, we wish you all the best and hope you will come back!

We think about a RedDot fan fashion line, interested persons can post below ;)

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2 Reaktionen zu “RedDot CMS fashion line?”

  1. sharon

    Can becom fashion designer………………..why don u try chngin ur line ….lol

  2. Max

    Hi Markus and Marcus ;)

    Thanks for making this gift possible. Verena will be missed much but she cant handle RD and a baby at the same time. :sad:

    This will become a favorite gift for all women working aroung RD :D


    (another RD Webmaster from that above mentioned team)