Markus moves to australia
- End of the RedDot and TYPO3 freelancer?

Yeah! I finally made it. Some of you already knew it before because you were going this way with me. After my trip to australia in september 2008 and some beers with RedDot colleagues at James Suires in Sydney there was this question:

“Do I want to work and live in australia?”


I took my time and the rest of my vacation and had a decision -


The first option - work in sydney as RedDot developer - would have been in october or early november.
But I had to finish projects in germany and couldn’t move that fast, because I didn’t want to leave my projects and clients unfinished and unprepared. So this occasion vanished.
But I still had my decision and fortunately another possibility came up during a chat with Kim. Soon, after some mails, a CV, late night phone calls, reference checks and a video conference (where I was definetly looking too tired, because it was very very late over here and the night before was way too short..), it was settled.

I will start in march with my new job in australia

at Areeba, which is a famous Web- and of course RedDot agency located in Melbourne. The flight is booked, all clients which allowed and wanted me to, are given in good hands, others still have support from overseas, god bless the internet :)
Almost everything is well organized and sorted out, and the smaller issues which are still open like storing furniture, shipping my snowboard to australia, selling my car and some office related stuff will be cleared within the next days, I’m sure.

So the city of Batman will soon have a new resident and I can’t wait to jump on the plane and arrive.  At this place it gets a bit “schmaltzy”, I really would like to thank the people who helped, worked, lived and learned with me during the last years. Really EVERYONE of you, thank you!


Updates will follow, I promise! I hope I will find more time to post RedDot related stuff at the new RedDot CMS Blog. Freelancing is over for now, but that doesn’t mean, that I’m not reachable, so go on - write me.

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7 Reaktionen zu “Markus moves to australia
- End of the RedDot and TYPO3 freelancer?”

  1. Uwe

    Enjoy life!
    Keep us up to date.

    Peace :)

  2. Amanda Shiga

    Hi Markus,

    Congratulations on your move to Australia! I lived in Melbourne for almost a year, it is a fantastic city. Looking forward to your continued Reddot blog posts.

    Amanda :)

  3. Michael Cannon

    Congratulations on the new position in Australia. Enjoy the opportunities that arise from there.

  4. Heiko

    I wish you all the best for your start “down under”! I hope you keep on blogging here and over at the terriffic RedDot-CMS-Blog.
    By the way: I will also be in Melbourne from July on, making my Master at Monash University. So i’m looking forward to more Melbourne-content! :)

  5. Morgan Ritchings

    Hey Markus,
    I’m a long time lurker on your blog and a reddot freelancer based out of Brisbane Australia. I post under “theHam” on the google group and believe you got in to contact with one of my ex-coworkers Gavin C. around the time of your last trip to oz. I hope to be working on a contract down in Melbourne around the same time as you arrive. If you interested in doing a bit of networking (and i’m always looking for an excuse to grab a beer or two) feel free to contact me via email (or track me down on facebook).

    - Morgan

  6. tess

    i hope that you’ll get what you deserve…that means that i hope that luck is on your side and that there’ll be people who realize how inimitable you are.
    i’ll keep you in mind and heart.