Just arrived in Melbourne after some thai issues

I just arrived in Melbourne yesterday, couldn’t sleep for hours. I think the jetlag will bother me a little bit longer than expected.
I just started searching a flat (shared or not, we’ll see, any suggestions from you local guys are welcome!).

Here are some pictures (as I promised Renee to post them from time to time.)

Big Buddha
One of the big buddhas

Slim buddha
A fasting buddha

Kings palace
A part of the kings palace

Elvis in Bangkok
Elvis - he lives here since a few days

The problems i encountered are not over yet
but I expect everything will be fine :)

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Eine Reaktion zu “Just arrived in Melbourne after some thai issues”

  1. Andreas tafka Der Scout

    Ja dann - Willkommen im neuen Leben! Ich wünsche Dir nur das Beste. Hoffentlich musst du nicht auf der Straße schlafen, sondern findest wieder so netten Menschen die ihr Zimmer mit dir teilen wie das letzte mal. ;)

    Liebe Grüße aus Mannheim,