Monatsarchiv für März 2009

Character enconding im Navigation Manager (und die neue Version des “Open Text Web Solutions Servers 9″ eigentlich “RedDot CMS 7.6″)

Donnerstag, den 12. März 2009

For you english guys just follow this link to the Unofficial Reddot CMS blog Open Text Web Solutions blog
Watch your "encoding-steps"within Navigation Manager
Nach dem Update auf die fulminante Version 9 des RedDot CMS Open Text Web Solutions Servers mit dem neuen Telerik Rich Text Editor scheint Tidy seine Tage gefristet zu haben. Bislang war [...]

TYPO3 university project with accessible XHTML, LDAP-directory import and many more features online!

Montag, den 9. März 2009

My latest project is now online and works just fine. The website of the HLRS - "High performance computing center Stuttgart" has been redesigned(not by me) and relaunched/reprogrammed(by me) to replace the old non-accessible table-based layout.
After the planned short setup phase for the main project the development of single requirements where defined, implemented, tested and [...]