TYPO3 university project with accessible XHTML, LDAP-directory import and many more features online!

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My latest project is now online and works just fine. The website of the HLRS - “High performance computing center Stuttgart” has been redesigned(not by me) and relaunched/reprogrammed(by me) to replace the old non-accessible table-based layout.
After the planned short setup phase for the main project the development of single requirements where defined, implemented, tested and constantly improved in iterative meetings.
(Other people may call this way of project building a part of SCRUM or agile software development)

Advantage - Team

I just can say this way of setting up a TYPO3 website, by frequently adjusting the requirements and comparing to the actual project status, saved a lot of time for the project team on all sides.
By repetitively communicating I was able to save time and avoid headaches which normally may come up while wasting spending time on fixing bugs or improving missing features or even trashing changing whole project parts. (I heard this sometimes happens to web developers/software engineers after working for 2 weeks as “Mr. Rambo Lone Fighter” who rarely reports back his instant status while requirements may have changed weeks ago.)
The client on the other side saved a lot of time too
(And was satisfied, that small or even midsize changes where possible during the process of building the required components.)


The usage of a the Media Wiki was helpful and should not be missed for documenting especially administrative parts of a project.
Yes, beside the fact that TYPO3 or the RedDot CMS are cool stuff it makes sense to put not everything into an CMS but into an wiki!

What’s inside/behind the TYPO3 project?

  • Accessible XHTML 1.1strict code
  • jquery at first, but due to some incompatibilities I had to change everything to prototype
  • Accessible iFrame contents (rewritten by Javascript if activated)
  • LDAP connector to import/export BE users
  • tt_news with an extension to display news by specific search criterias
  • Possibility to create multiple projects as subdomains and hide whole subprojects from the web
  • Powermail
  • RealURL
  • Indexed search
  • Many other nice gadgets
  • An outstanding project manager who knows the whole project inside-out
  • An exemplary administrator who keeps the systems up to date

Great experience to build this project this way and definitely painful to leave it back in germany.

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4 Reaktionen zu “TYPO3 university project with accessible XHTML, LDAP-directory import and many more features online!”

  1. Michael Cannon

    Congratulations on the new site launch.

    Thank you for giving some behind the scenes details.

  2. Cuneyt

    Great post, and welcome to Australia’s WCM marketplace!

  3. Andre

    Hi Frederic,

    very nice!

  4. Markus Giesen

    Hi Andre, who’s Frederic?
    Cheers Markus (The author..)