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Melbourne Jazz Festival - Website fail

Dienstag, den 28. April 2009

Imagine you have a website for this special festival which only takes place once a year, let’s say between the 23rd of April and the 2nd of May. And for that purpose you have spent a lot of your Budget on Marketing and then somebody failed to get the right hosting package and the website […]

Firebug for PHP - Check out PHP Quick Profiler

Freitag, den 24. April 2009

Whenever you have to develop in PHP and review and refine your code, was there the situation when you wish, that there might be something like the Firebug just for PHP?
The guys from Particletree just released it, they call it PQP, which stands for “PHP Quick Profiler” and you will find it here.

Screenshot of the […]

Tonematrix - was auf die Ohren?

Donnerstag, den 23. April 2009

Today I found this:
Heute habe ich das hier gefunden:
Tonematrix -
Back in time you used this little masterpiece of electronical genius
The Roland TR-808, Rhythm Composer, Produced 1980–1984 (
Shortly after that there was the 909(and I was 2 years old..)

The Roland TR-909, Rhythm Composer, Produced 1984–1985 (
!! Here comes the flash rebuild

Definitely worth a try!! (
And […]

How to comment with code snippets on the RedDot CMS blog or here

Donnerstag, den 23. April 2009

By reading another blog feed of an esteemed subscriber, I found a nice way to Escape your HTML code when commenting.
The problem with commenting and sending code snippets
It is always the same, you prepare your code, you paste it into the comment box and SHAZZAN! it’s gone and only your text is left…
The solution […]

Do you already have a google profile?

Donnerstag, den 23. April 2009

Big brither is watching you and back in time it was kind of cool, to have an anonymous nickname and you contacted people online but rarely met them in reality.
Today almost evberybody uses real names and tries to show the best side or draw a interesting picture without hiding behind a name.

I wonder how long […]

Shocking but effective

Mittwoch, den 22. April 2009

Just around the corner when I step out of the office at the beginning of ACDC Lane on Flinders Lane, there is a shocking but quite effective Poster:

Neglected Children Are made to feel invisible
People can’t pass it, they stop, hesitate and after a first smile seem to start thinking. Great work. Remarkable and impressive.
The organisation, […]

Anmerkung am Rande…

Sonntag, den 19. April 2009

Ich muss also jetzt ständig wechseln zwischen englischem und deutschen Tastaturlayout, das führt dazu, dass ich y und z ständig verwechsle oder aber Umlaute einfach nicht finde, weil ich im Büro sitze.. Schreibfehler sind daher bitte einfach yu ignorieren.
Ich brauche denke ich ein englisches Keyboard für mein Macbook Pro. Bekommt man die Dinger einzeln? Wenn […]

The week that was - yes still alive

Sonntag, den 19. April 2009

Nothing happened here for a long time. I arrived in Melbourne and had to find an apartment, a flatmate lots of furniture and much more.
Things are sorted out now, I’ve got an apartment in Fitzroy, which is a great place to live, you can find out more by following this link ding.
I have got a […]