The week that was - yes still alive

Nothing happened here for a long time. I arrived in Melbourne and had to find an apartment, a flatmate lots of furniture and much more.
Things are sorted out now, I’ve got an apartment in Fitzroy, which is a great place to live, you can find out more by following this link ding.
I have got a cool new (brandnew, awesome, great,… you name it) flatmate, his name is Chris, he is mostly german, but that’s not his fault..
I spent almost every thurday evening at the swedish furniture house in Richmond to find cheap and neat stuff for the new accommodation. Thanks to Chris and myself we are right now sitting in the lounge geeklike with our laptops, feet on the new coffee table and wasting time by surfing the web, which is thankfully available again. (How did I survive the last weeks without a proper internet connection in my spare time?)

So fancy stuff this week was:

  • The RedDot CMS blog twitters now and the stats are pretty cool. It’s nice that people start participating and the work of Fred and me wasn’t worthless. And now follow us there!
  • I twitter too, follow me if you like
  • This remarkable person has got the idea of the century and I want to know more about it, tell me more @StephPC
  • Kermits Cocaine is the reason why the IKEA delivery guys had a good laugh this morning at the hungover-me. You can get it here, at the Polly bar, it is just great!
  • Whenever you need a eggtimer, stop watch, whatever… Try this for 45sec or maybe or anything else
  • Fred published(and didn’t tell me!) his new jQuery based Visual SELFHTML website, awesome!
  • Adrian did a great best practice article series for everyone who just starts with the RedDot CMS or now called “Open Text Web Solutions Management Server”
  • Finally I woke up last wednesday and was able to catch a double rainbow, it points directly to a house of a really good friend in Ascot Vale. Somehow the luck must have gone bad and she ended up in hospital friday night after a car crash. Fortunately she is fine and alive. Get well soon! (and of course - for the record - it wasn’t her fault!)

That’s it so far, now I will try to answer all the emails waiting for me and hopefully I will find some time after that to call germany.

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