Tonematrix - was auf die Ohren?

Today I found this:
Heute habe ich das hier gefunden:
Tonematrix -

Back in time you used this little masterpiece of electronical genius

roland_tr-808_drum_machine.jpgThe Roland TR-808, Rhythm Composer, Produced 1980–1984 (

Shortly after that there was the 909(and I was 2 years old..)

The Roland TR-909, Rhythm Composer, Produced 1984–1985 (

!! Here comes the flash rebuild

Definitely worth a try!! (

And today

And I know you - my little music lunatics back in germany will love it - but you will be bored quickly, so here is the advanced version, which has been updated in 2008.
Newest idea and heaps of fun - Hobnox Audiotool -
These audio tools from Hobnox are an interesting new idea. They use all the stuff you need inside your webbrowser using Adobes Flash 10. Just connect your Drummachines, effects and synthies together and make some noise.

To find out what you can do, play this (german) video, provided by phlow

The genius behind all the flash gadgets above is André Michelle, a flash coder living in Berlin, working for Hobnox.

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  1. gaj

    Lets make some rambazamba …