Firebug for PHP - Check out PHP Quick Profiler

Whenever you have to develop in PHP and review and refine your code, was there the situation when you wish, that there might be something like the Firebug just for PHP?

The guys from Particletree just released it, they call it PQP, which stands for “PHP Quick Profiler” and you will find it here.

Php Quick Profiler Screenshot
Screenshot of the PQP GUI (click to enlarge)

For whom is it?

So no matter if you are a RedDot CMS developer (or prefer Web Solutions Content Management Server Administrator/Developer/Geek) or a TYPO3 Programmer or just interested what your WordPress, Drupal, TYPOlight or any other PHP site is doing under the hood. This is the tool for you.

What does it do for you?

“The profiler contains a 5 tabbed interface that presents pages for logging messages, measuring execution time, analyzing queries, revealing memory used and showing the files included.”

Yay! What else could you need to do all that? Thanks guys for that special thing!

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