Melbourne - Open Text Web Solutions User Group Meeting June 2009

When & Where

Tuesday, 2nd June 2009 - 8:30am
Park Hyatt Hotel Melbourne
1 Parliament Place, East Melbourne, VIC 3002

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  • Preview of the new Web Solutions Version 10
    (I will stop calling it RedDot CMS or RedDot LiveServer if you stop searching for these keywords)
  • Plans about the Web Solutions product roadmap and release plans
    (They seem to be a bit shifted as far as I can tell)
  • A preview of a new digital asset management solution
    (Sounds like the former company called Artesia now “Open Text Digital Solutions”)
  • Collaboration and Web 2.0 stuff Open Text has to offer
    (I am intrigued)

Furthermore the event description talks about “peer to peer knowledge sharing, networking and fun”, really! Sounds interesting, so I will have a look at Version 10, hopefully some nice features for RedDot CMS developers / Web Solutions Management Server developers are available.


I would expect from Open Text, that they finally start publishing knowledge and better support for their developers. There are rumors about an internal knowledge base which is reviewed for release at the moment and I heard rumors, that this perhaps will be published as a base for us RedDot CMS developers. And please not another try of a RedDot wiki. There at least are 4 wikis out there. The purpose seems to be fetching other peoples knowledge and tipps out of the Google Groups, my blog, the Unofficial RedDot CMS blog and some other sources and then make some money out if google ads of what ever. No own content is provided in these places as far as I can tell. Stop duplicating content* and publish your own stuff. Or contribute in any other way. Microsoft is a good example, their MSDN works and some of the MS developers even share..

I had a chat with Fred and we agreed that the german developer community working with Open Text solutions seems to be a bunch of “just taking - no giving” minded people (not all of you guys). He didn’t say that. Your opportunity to shine australia.

* This post will also be published on the Unofficial RedDot CMS blog.

Catch up?

The Areeba gang of RedDot CMS developers (Markus Giesen and his fellow nerd Kim Dezen) will be there. Are you a australian based RedDot Partner / developer / freelancer (Hey Gavin, your chance!)? Or an australian based Open Text partner? Will you be there? I am looking forward to catch up with you!

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