Should I blog English or not?

When starting this blog, the idea was to just keep some notes and if possible share useful information about the Open Text Web Solutions Management Server (which I perhaps never will stop calling “RedDot CMS“).
Since I have decided to live in Melbourne and most of the day I think, speak, write English.
I sometimes miss writing in my own language. Mostly because we have some nicer words which “zee Germans” just create by combining two shorter ones to a long new one.
English is a short word language.
An interesting article on how to improve your English writing and language skills can be found here. I used and still use some of the described techniques here, and for everyone who wants to write not only in his native tongue (unless it is English) I recommend this article.

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2 Reaktionen zu “Should I blog English or not?”

  1. Ed

    Yes, English!

    Being a dumb American ;-) I sadly only really know English, but I really appreciate your work and writing, so I’d hate to see it go german only.

  2. lord.flame

    Not an appeal to blog in English - but a funny way to say: Dont speak German - learn a better and nicer language. Like Latin, French (ooohh, really neverever), Russian or the best choice: Arabic…

    All the Best