When should you delete a tweet? #career #reputation

I just found this flowchart today on some German websites and I thought it might be nice to translate it into English for you.*
When should I delete my tweet?
A tweet is sent in seconds but seems to
be a quite long process where you
have to reconsider a lot of questions.

The questions shown in this flowchart are:

Did you tweet about private stuff?
Did you tweet about job related stuff?

What the heck are you twittering about?
Did you tweet abour an ex-partner? A friend? A colleague?
Was the content about your boss, a client or a current project?

Where you drunk at this time?
Of course you were! Again…

Did you tweet in a negative, criticising way?
Did you praise your boss or advertise your company?
Ask for a pay raise!

Did you upload a twitpic?
Does it show someone whos drunk and/or naked?

Are there confidential company information to see on this?
Are you using an anonymous account?

And there are always two options, once a tweet is sent:
Well done, let the tweet stand!

*So I did this only to find out later that this was inspired by wired

Did you ever delete a tweet?

I’m sure everyone did delete a tweet every now and then.
Why did you do it?
And do you dare to say it here?

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4 Reaktionen zu “When should you delete a tweet? #career #reputation”

  1. Karrierebibel

    That looks great. THX! How long did that took you to paint it?

  2. Markus Giesen

    You’re welcome! Maybe this took me 10 minutes?
    Sometimes I fear my own grafic skills…
    (yeah, time to back pat I guess.. bad snobby me!)

  3. Phil

    Better yet - just don’t bother with bloody twitter at all!

    A variation of the infinite monkey theory proposes that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters, eventually they will churn out the works of Shakespeare

    Thanks to Twitter, we now know this isn’t true :-)

  4. Milano

    *.de Domain und englischer Inhalt? Na so wirklich zusammenpassen tut dass aber nicht.

    Zurück zum Thema, Tweet löschen. Also erstmal danke für die geile Grafik. Auf manche Fragen wäre ich garnicht gekommen :-D
    Aber nein, ich finde man sollte nichts löschen, das geht sofort in Richtung Zensur. Auch wenn man besoffen war, denn dadurch kommt erst das wahre Ich raus, und es wird definitiv bei der nächsten Jobwahl helfen.