The most social agency I’ve worked for in Germany

Social media - it’s the hype, new market, unknown grey field and hottest hottie since slicedBread0.9 or Web 2.0. This new bullshit bingo buzzword just outgrew all the newest shiny marketing fuzz during the last years just when the marketing people began to realize that Web2.0 is a vague and gormless attempt to sell you another useful asset for to complete your pretentious “interwebs” shopping basket.

Banner Kingdom of W├╝rttemberg: Furchtlos und Treu
An old German banner I got for Christmas with some of my personal social media buzzwords for this year: “Fearless and Loyal” :)

What is social media? It is collaboration. Working, communicating, interacting and handling the requirement to bring people closer together and give them shortcuts. Every serious social media guru was probably a collaboration manager in the past. And no, hence social media is not new, it’s Collaboration2.0 with a new name and some better coded website applications around it.

Where does social media start? It starts with you. You have to find a way to get people to take the shortcuts you want them wanting to take (and they need to want to take them). You have to lead and create a intriguing new social media autobahn to ensure they can speed with 4000miles/hr 200tetabits/sec to reach their goal. OR at least you have to find the right agency which knows what social means.

How do you find a social media agency?

  • You have to monitor your targeted agencies behaviour.
  • Do they have a blog?
  • Do they have a twitter account?
  • Do their employees have twitter accounts and how do they use it?
  • Is there a facebook fanpage?
  • How do they integrate all this into their own social strategy e.g. website?

I just received a box around Christmas from one of the first agencies I was entitled to work for a couple of years ago. Stoll & Fischbach started with Heinz Stoll and Gerhard Fischbach (and I believe Roman Pohl) years ago in a Garage (this proves, that this is not always a bad sign..). First they were a communication & design agency, later Heinz Stoll decided to challenge himself (and his awesome team) by producing web based solutions such as RedDot CMS sites.

Why are these guys the best social agency that I’ve worked with so far?
Beside making amazing projects and craving technical know how to probably be able to build a Space Shuttle (I picture Commander Ralf, General Bertram and Navigator Martin in the cockpit and Simon hitting the big bulky launch RedDot.. ) they are just a bunch of good guys who know to communicate with each other and with their clients.

They understood at early stages how important it is to build a knowledge base based on modern collaboration technology like a wiki. They got the idea of Twitter and Facebook integration and were quite fast able to realize client projects with ‘maximum German efficiency’ (I totally stole that sentence from The Simpsons).
But most of all, they just ARE social and fun to work with and that is what social media should be - easy to work with and making things better :)

What was in the Christmas box? The StoFi-Team sent me this:

Furchtlos und Treu Flagge - Small
“Furchtlos und Treu”
EN: “Fearless and Loyal”
Furchtlos und Treu Flagge Wand - Small
“Furchtlos und Treu”
Goes well with the guitar!
A banner of the old German kingdom “W├╝rttemberg“. Thanks a lot guys, you are the most amazing crazy Germans I’ve ever worked with and I totally would enjoy working with you again!

Social means thinking beyond KPIs like Return On Invest and more about relations to flatten out daily workflow dents. Some things even a guru can’t teach you, things some people just have and others don’t.

Thanks to all you guys at SFeBusiness, keep up the great work and thanks for reminding me why working with you was so much fun!

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2 Reaktionen zu “The most social agency I’ve worked for in Germany”

  1. martin dambach

    hey markus, great you like this banner :-) we are almost speechless about your overwhelming and warming praising. That makes the difference, you don’t forget the Romans. What will social web become without social people as you.