Bad australian customer service - some examples

Customer Service in australia? - Ha! I thought during the last 12 months that the Germans are super special über-spoiled when it comes to customer service. Australia is a customer service desert - I had to learn it the hard way.

On the list of uncool, mean, evil and bad to worst customer service ever:

Silver Top Taxis in Melbourne

Basically every second cab driver tries to screw you over. When you jump on the cab which you just hailed they push the button to quickly add the $2.00 which you have to pay when you would have called a cab via phone. I tried to lodge a official complaint but none of their email addresses on their website is working. The cab number was 0076 with the drivers license number 542647, expiry date 09/04/2012. Karma will get you my friend… :)

“Let’s Cook” kitchenware store, Little Bourke St Melbourne

They have the most unfriendly staff you can imagine. Solving customer service inquiries by telling you that basically everything is your fault and there is no return policy on their goods. Don’t buy anything there.

OzSail - Whitsunday Islands

They sent you on a dive trip with the worst gear ever, bad regulators and stinger suits (1mm thick) instead of proper dive suits (3-7mm) to protect you from hypothermia. And if you let them know that the regulator doesn’t seem to work properly they pat your back with a nice “Don’t worry mate”. I had to worry at 12meter depth because the gear failed and I was freezing so bad that I almost fainted - emergency ascend included. Back on the boat there wasn’t even an apology. Please don’t ever even consider planning a trip with those guys, it might be your last.

Three Mobile stores

You ask the staff for a wireless 3G device top up and they sell you a whole package including a new device convincing you that the device is bound to the top up. This happened to a friend of mine and she paid $100.00 more. When trying to return the device she was told that it was her fault for not reading the contract details. Dear Three, if every customer would spend the 2 hours in your store for reading your contracts every time they sign one you wouldn’t make any money.

Threadless T-Shirts

Ok, they are not australian but I assume they got the attitude from australia.. They sent me a damaged T-Shirt, I wrote them what happened and even send images, what a hassle.. They promised to send me a new T-Shirt - Which never ever arrived. That is worse than bad customer service. This is making sure I will never ever again order anything from your shop. You are banned. Apparently the first delivery came after one week and the second was stuck for about 2 months with customs. Bad customs, bad!

Genesis Fitness, Melbourne

I signed up for a membership with this gym. I ticked the box to not receive any offers for goods or services. Still, they kept sending me ‘invites’ to come over and bring some new members… I just had a chat with the nice lady from Genesis Camberwell and she told me, that this is not advertisement this is just to keep in touch. I don’t want to be in touch when I constantly get asked to bring new members. She said they need the number for emergencies. Well then use it for emergencies, don’t use it to keep me updated about ‘what happens at the Genesis Club’ and don’t tell me to ‘bring in new members’ that is NOT an emergency THIS is advertisement. Next complaint here: I signed up for a club with working machines and enough space to not suffer claustrophobia, the gym on Londsdale Street has been renovated, they have closed a whole room and now people are crammed into a tiny little room where you can’t even walk properly between the treadmills or bikes. I said that this is not what I signed up for and that I want to cancel my membership immediately. Unfortunately I can not leave because it would be ‘unfair’ to treat me any different than any other client. Good to know that we are all stuck in this fair system of yours Genesis. And thanks for disregarding my privacy and for charging me another 30 days for something that I didn’t sign up for until I can leave your fine club. So you can decrease your gym space and basically and change your part of the contract but I have to live with it? And then you tell me that there is nothing YOU can do? Right. Do not join this gym!

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6 Reaktionen zu “Bad australian customer service - some examples”

  1. Frederic

    Dude, you just should have asked me about the Whitsunday Islands diving.
    Had some good addresses there at hand, had a nice stay.

  2. Markus Giesen

    Dude, I was there before you, how could I have asked you Mr Timetravel? ;)

  3. Morgan Ritchings

    lol and don’t get me started on telstra ….. well ok…

    Kate (my partner) get’s a letter from telstra saying she owes them $59 for cancelling a service. She is not a customer of there’s nor did she open an account with them… it is clearly a mistake. We call up a month ago .. they say “all is fine throw away the bill it was a mistake” we do. One month later we get an overdue notice. I call them up as kate is tied up at work. I say to them we don’t have an account stop harassing us leave us alone.

    They say we can’t do anything as you are not the account holder I reiterate that neither kate or i are a customer therefore are neither account holders and if they simply investigate their own internal systems that they should understand that and be able to fix their own error. I am told that logic has no reason to a telstra phone person and that kate must go out of her way to call and tell them that they have made an error otherwise the debt she does not owe will be sent to a debt collector and she will be listed as a bad debt on the usual industry based credit blacklisting registers. Now that’s quality service ;).

    Oh and last saturday i waited all day for a telstra technician who didn’t turn up to connect a phone at my new place even though i’d scheduled it a week in advance and confirmed it with them on the day. He even lied to his bosses and said he’d tried to call, turned up, no one was there and left a letter in the mailbox (considering it’s a block of 58 units i’m not sure where he went or what letterbox he put it in cause it wan’t ours :P). Best thing was that the earliest they could get someone back in was 5 days latter…. even though they screwed up?

    .. how’s that for hijacking a blog post?

  4. Markus

    Just what I’m looking for… Telstra, pfft.. So just to get this right - They screw things up over and over and you still get them to connect your new phone?
    What does your partner say to that? ;)

  5. gluck

    There is no such thing as customer service in australia! The concept just seems completely absent!

  6. jack

    This is not surprising. Actually, once I was at a Borders store and overheard an American complaining about poor customer service in Australia compared to the USA. At first I was very surprised that anyone would say that, but after dealing with American customer service online I could see why. Americans are extremely fast to acknowledge your presence and reply, and usually don’t feed you any bullshit and always polite. They are also very knowledgeable in their field of business, in general. On a tangent, the retail prices in the USA are also not exorbitant. I would love to support Australian business, but when they shout “support us” and yet don’t make an effort, then why shouldn’t I just buy direct from Amazon for something like $100 less for a pair of shoes or sunglasses?? I will buy overseas.

    Some customer service in Australia very good but I think it is the exception.

    A few weeks ago I e-mailed a large Australian retailer for help with their products and now I still don’t have a reply. So, why put your e-mail address on your website if you’re going to ignore your customers. …