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I love coffee, I crave it. A day in Melbourne without coffee for the average Melbournian is like a day without synchronizing swatches for Parker Lewis. I don’t talk about this bitter mish-mash that we drink in German offices everyday allover the country. THAT I have to tell you is gross compared what the coffee magicians here are able to craft! And I probably never would have woken up from this lucid mean bean dream if I haven’t made the step to Melbourne - Coffee Capital of Planet Terra..

After trying millions and billions of different coffee types here I eventually found my own brand: DiBella Premium.
And I ordered 1.5kg of fresh roasted beans from the east coast in Brisbane using their website (http://www.dibellacoffee.com.au/).

The package arrived a few days later and smelled awesome! The devastating reason for that was the broken coffee package inside the box. The coffee was evenly spread throughout the package and my former excitement had to give way to my fear of having to go without ‘the substance’ to keep up my RedDot developer stamina for the next couple of days …

I was certainly close to a nervous breakdown and only Jobs knows how I managed to write this complaint email with my fingers shaking where I explained what had happened to the caffeinated gold delivery. I didn’t expect much of a response. Based on my experience with the australian customer service I thought nothing would happen.

I was even more surprised when I got a phone call 2 hours later and a friendly guy from DiBella told me that he was very sorry that the delivery was broken and that he will get the whole order repacked and shipped to me again.

Brilliant! Splendid! Amazing! There are some coffee Jedis on the light side of Customer Service Wars in Australia.

I got the box delivered 4 days later via express shipment and my story has an happy end. Thanks to the folks @ Dibella, I highly recommend your products AND your service!

dibella-coffee-premium.jpgDiBella Coffee ‘Premium’ - The ultimate coffee experience
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5 Reaktionen zu “DiBella Coffee - Excellent australian customer service”

  1. Mila

    Hallo Markus, dann sende uns doch auch einmal solch’ einen guten Kaffee zu. Unser bitter mish-mash Gesöff hängt mir schon zu den Ohren raus :-)


  2. Markus Giesen

    I just tried to use a German delivery address. You can choose Germany but then all payment options disappear.. Sorry Mike.. Cheers

  3. Samuel

    Hi Markus

    Now it would be nice to know how the coffee tasts…
    Ist der auch irgendwo in D zu bekommen?

    Grüße in meine verlassene Heimat :-(

  4. Mila

    Hallo Markus,

    ein gutes NEUES JAHR… und DANKE auch für den Kaffee sowie das nette Büchlein!

    Grüße aus GOOD OLD GERMANY!

  5. Mark Coffee

    did you try the Segafredo coffee beans. My favorite is the Horeca, that is a nice blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and provides an intense but still balanced body with a creamy sugary note.