Run Run Run - Would you like to sponsor me?

Update 2010-10-15
Thanks to everyone who sponsored me:

  • Victor Tsen
  • Terry Mulkearns
  • Jonathan Raphael Schmid
  • Kath Willox
  • Russell Graham
  • Michael Scott
  • Paul Cooper
  • Damian Keeghan
  • Paul Jones
  • Doerte Botterill
  • Gajendran Somasundaram
  • Travis Brooks
  • Ilario Dichiera

Here’s a picture of the treadmills in Perth:
FOXTEL Lap Treadmills

Original post
Hey there,

I will be running at the 2010 Foxtel Lap fundraiser
in Perth this week’s Friday.

This run is a fundraiser for the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.

Here is the link and your once in a lifetime chance to sponsor me!

I will be running for 30 minutes, approximately doing 50 laps.
You can either sponsor me per lap or as a fixed donation.

Every gold coin is appreciated! :) Thank you!


P.S. Feel free to share & forward this link with friends,
family and random strangers.

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2 Reaktionen zu “Run Run Run - Would you like to sponsor me?”

  1. madam

    50 laps: nice job, but 30 minutes running is not really a big deal for a young sportive man :-)))