Depending on mobile - Vodafone outage in Perth, WA

So I am sitting in Perth, it’s sunny and 32celsius/90fahrenheit outside and my mobile phone doesn’t work.
Actually, my phone works, just my mobile network carrier vodafone doesn’t get their act together.
Since almost 2 hours now.

And that is just days after users all across Australia where complaining about their network quality.

I just realised I need my phone - too much.
I need it too much! I can’t even tell the weather without it, well I could, but I like to know exactly how much iPhone degree it is…
I can’t organize to catch up with friends anymore, I always rely on being able to call and let them know I’ll be 5, 15 or 45 minutes late.. Now I have to go old school, meet you at the secret location X at the specific Y.
If you snooze you loose.

Ok, I am off to the beach, meet you there, the RedBull Kite Surfing Race is on in 5 minutes.
If you wanna catch up, I’m the guy with no phone.

How do you cope with the outage?

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