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Kickass Retrospectives (Ryan McKergow #LASTconf 2014 doodle)

Dienstag, den 29. Juli 2014

Ryan McKergow LASTconf Retrospectives
Another doodle from the #LASTconf 2014 in Melbourne, this is the second one in this series, read more about it here.
In the doodle linked above you can see a few selected retrospectives from Ryan McKergows presentation, which I personally thought was a great enabler if you’re looking for new retrospectives. Below is […]

Agile coaching - The team as a system (#LASTconf 2014 doodle)

Montag, den 21. Juli 2014

Here’s a doodle from the #LASTconf 2014 in Melbourne, I plan to share more of these here over time.
The idea is to add and refresh the entries. In the long run the #LASTconf conference information and learnings from 2014 have a lasting impact for me (and maybe for others).
Rather than a BigBang approach and a […]

It’s not a “showcase” it is a “review” - (ad)ventures in scrum

Dienstag, den 8. Juli 2014

Recently I got involved in a new Agile project. And when I say “recently” I mean last year, and when I say “involved” I mean whoah! what a journey so far!
The point of this little interlude is, that words can me a thousand things, words are important.
Scrumming along
We are running a scrum project and I’d […]