It’s not a “showcase” it is a “review” - (ad)ventures in scrum

Recently I got involved in a new Agile project. And when I say “recently” I mean last year, and when I say “involved” I mean whoah! what a journey so far!
The point of this little interlude is, that words can me a thousand things, words are important.

Scrumming along
We are running a scrum project and I’d like to think that we adhere to the scrum framework closely.
The scrum framework isn’t hard, it’s a few types of meetings (five) each sprint, a common way of tracking work (agile wall) and the biggest hurdle: changing a culture of silo based roles and waterfall driven enterprise overlords.

Bloody “showcases”
We have “showcases” in our sprints. And when we talk about what we do in them we say we will “present” and we will “demo”. This means to most people, we will make damn sure that everything looks beautiful. We only demo things that work and make everyone look good, pat each other on the back and move on.
What we certainly don’t do is ask the tough questions:
* What’s not working yet?
* What are the known bugs, issues and defects?
* Have we done everything that sits in our definition of done?

Better view with “Reviews”
I would like to advocate and encourage the word “Review meeting”, “Feedback session” instead. Or “Completion check” even. Making it a “showcase” will lead to everyon focusing only on what is working and then move on.
Reviewing a user story and all associated outstanding issues, ideally with a checklist with a few questions like the one’s above will drive quality and make sure you have a meaningful feedback session.

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