Continuous Discovery whilst getting things done? Have you tried “Dual Track Scrum” yet?

On my recent project ventures I was wondering how a traditional scrum team can keep delivering whilst having an ongoing stream of real customer insights and discovery. I stumbled across Dual Track Scrum, let me know what you think!

Dual Track Scrum is an emerging concept to improve the velocity of actual value delivered. Basically it’s performing both product discovery and product delivery within the same team.

The term Dual-Track Scrum, invented by Jeff Patton, independent Agile Coach from, represents an approach to software development that assumes that there are two key tracks for agile product development: Discovery and Delivery, as shown in the diagram below.

It defines “a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a development team works as a unit to reach a common goal”, challenges assumptions of the “traditional, sequential approach” to product development, and enables teams to self-organize by encouraging physical co-location or close online collaboration of all team members, as well as daily face-to-face communication among all team members and disciplines in the project.

The term “Dual-Track Scrum” better captures the parallel nature of Discovery and Delivery.

The Discovery track is all about quickly generating validated product backlog items, and the Delivery track is all about generating releasable software.

Dual-Track Scrum collaborative – the product manager, designer and lead engineer are working together, side-by-side, to create and validate backlog items.

So if your product team is frustrated by the amount of waste and the slow pace in achieving actual business results, consider trying out Dual-Track Scrum. See if this can inspire a level of collaboration, rapid iteration and validation that results in much better work.

Underlying all of this is the hard-learned lessons of product teams that many of the ideas won’t actually work as we hope, and those that could work will typically take several iterations to get to the point where they move the needle enough to be considered a business success.


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