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Depending on mobile - Vodafone outage in Perth, WA

Samstag, den 11. Dezember 2010

So I am sitting in Perth, it’s sunny and 32celsius/90fahrenheit outside and my mobile phone doesn’t work.
Actually, my phone works, just my mobile network carrier vodafone doesn’t get their act together.
Since almost 2 hours now.
And that is just days after users all across Australia where complaining about their network quality.
I just realised I need my […]

Run Run Run - Would you like to sponsor me?

Dienstag, den 12. Oktober 2010

Update 2010-10-15
Thanks to everyone who sponsored me:

Victor Tsen
Terry Mulkearns
Jonathan Raphael Schmid
Kath Willox
Russell Graham
Michael Scott
Paul Cooper
Damian Keeghan
Paul Jones
Doerte Botterill
Gajendran Somasundaram
Travis Brooks
Ilario Dichiera

Here’s a picture of the treadmills in Perth:

Original post
Hey there,
I will be running at the 2010 Foxtel Lap fundraiserin Perth this week’s Friday.

This run is a fundraiser for the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.
Here is the […]

DiBella Coffee - Excellent australian customer service

Montag, den 25. Januar 2010

I love coffee, I crave it. A day in Melbourne without coffee for the average Melbournian is like a day without synchronizing swatches for Parker Lewis. I don’t talk about this bitter mish-mash that we drink in German offices everyday allover the country. THAT I have to tell you is gross compared what the coffee […]

Bad australian customer service - some examples

Samstag, den 23. Januar 2010

Customer Service in australia? - Ha! I thought during the last 12 months that the Germans are super special über-spoiled when it comes to customer service. Australia is a customer service desert - I had to learn it the hard way.
On the list of uncool, mean, evil and bad to worst customer service ever:
Silver Top […]

Melbourne - Open Text Web Solutions User Group Meeting June 2009

Dienstag, den 19. Mai 2009

When & Where
Tuesday, 2nd June 2009 - 8:30am
Park Hyatt Hotel Melbourne
1 Parliament Place, East Melbourne, VIC 3002
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Preview of the new Web Solutions Version 10(I will stop calling it RedDot CMS or RedDot LiveServer if you stop searching for these keywords)
Plans about the Web Solutions product roadmap and release plans(They seem to be a […]

Melbourne Jazz Festival - Website fail

Dienstag, den 28. April 2009

Imagine you have a website for this special festival which only takes place once a year, let’s say between the 23rd of April and the 2nd of May. And for that purpose you have spent a lot of your Budget on Marketing and then somebody failed to get the right hosting package and the website […]

Shocking but effective

Mittwoch, den 22. April 2009

Just around the corner when I step out of the office at the beginning of ACDC Lane on Flinders Lane, there is a shocking but quite effective Poster:

Neglected Children Are made to feel invisible
People can’t pass it, they stop, hesitate and after a first smile seem to start thinking. Great work. Remarkable and impressive.
The organisation, […]

Anmerkung am Rande…

Sonntag, den 19. April 2009

Ich muss also jetzt ständig wechseln zwischen englischem und deutschen Tastaturlayout, das führt dazu, dass ich y und z ständig verwechsle oder aber Umlaute einfach nicht finde, weil ich im Büro sitze.. Schreibfehler sind daher bitte einfach yu ignorieren.
Ich brauche denke ich ein englisches Keyboard für mein Macbook Pro. Bekommt man die Dinger einzeln? Wenn […]

The week that was - yes still alive

Sonntag, den 19. April 2009

Nothing happened here for a long time. I arrived in Melbourne and had to find an apartment, a flatmate lots of furniture and much more.
Things are sorted out now, I’ve got an apartment in Fitzroy, which is a great place to live, you can find out more by following this link ding.
I have got a […]

Just arrived in Melbourne after some thai issues

Freitag, den 27. Februar 2009

I just arrived in Melbourne yesterday, couldn’t sleep for hours. I think the jetlag will bother me a little bit longer than expected.
I just started searching a flat (shared or not, we’ll see, any suggestions from you local guys are welcome!).
Here are some pictures (as I promised Renee to post them from time to time.)