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Need help in Bangkok..

Sonntag, den 22. Februar 2009

Hi guys, if there is anyone located in Bangkok at the moment and able to speak thai I would be very very pleased if you call me.
My life is not in danger or something like that (I’m ok Mum)
I just have some issues and need someone to translate.
I’ll keep you informed, I promise!
If you […]

Markus moves to australia
- End of the RedDot and TYPO3 freelancer?

Freitag, den 30. Januar 2009

Yeah! I finally made it. Some of you already knew it before because you were going this way with me. After my trip to australia in september 2008 and some beers with RedDot colleagues at James Suires in Sydney there was this question:
“Do I want to work and live in australia?”

I took my time and […]

Hier wird gebloggt.

Donnerstag, den 12. Juli 2007

Auch hier wird nun bald gebloggt. Der Anfang dokumentiert und das dazwischen festgehalten.