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I support Uber in Victoria! An open letter to the Victorian Minister of Transport

Donnerstag, den 29. Januar 2015

For those of you who don’t know it yet: Taxi service in Melbourne is atrocious. Many drivers are inexperienced, misogynistic, have mental issues and are outright dangerous. The State of Victoria has not yet found a way to deal with this, but they have their own Wikipedia page on the issue, which is worth calling […]

Continuous Discovery whilst getting things done? Have you tried “Dual Track Scrum” yet?

Donnerstag, den 9. Oktober 2014

On my recent project ventures I was wondering how a traditional scrum team can keep delivering whilst having an ongoing stream of real customer insights and discovery. I stumbled across Dual Track Scrum, let me know what you think!
Dual Track Scrum is an emerging concept to improve the velocity of actual value delivered. Basically it’s […]

It’s not a “showcase” it is a “review” - (ad)ventures in scrum

Dienstag, den 8. Juli 2014

Recently I got involved in a new Agile project. And when I say “recently” I mean last year, and when I say “involved” I mean whoah! what a journey so far!
The point of this little interlude is, that words can me a thousand things, words are important.
Scrumming along
We are running a scrum project and I’d […]

An item name cannot contain any of the following characters: \/:?”<>|[]- (controlled by the setting InvalidItemNameChars)

Mittwoch, den 17. Oktober 2012

How I started my first (well, third if you’re particular about it) Sitecore CMS project..
I just tried installing Web Forms for Marketers. You know, another form builder. That one thing that every CMS has on offer (or should have) to quickly patch together a basic form.
The plan is to evaluate this module to see if […]

Run Run Run - Would you like to sponsor me?

Dienstag, den 12. Oktober 2010

Update 2010-10-15
Thanks to everyone who sponsored me:

Victor Tsen
Terry Mulkearns
Jonathan Raphael Schmid
Kath Willox
Russell Graham
Michael Scott
Paul Cooper
Damian Keeghan
Paul Jones
Doerte Botterill
Gajendran Somasundaram
Travis Brooks
Ilario Dichiera

Here’s a picture of the treadmills in Perth:

Original post
Hey there,
I will be running at the 2010 Foxtel Lap fundraiserin Perth this week’s Friday.

This run is a fundraiser for the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.
Here is the […]

DiBella Coffee - Excellent australian customer service

Montag, den 25. Januar 2010

I love coffee, I crave it. A day in Melbourne without coffee for the average Melbournian is like a day without synchronizing swatches for Parker Lewis. I don’t talk about this bitter mish-mash that we drink in German offices everyday allover the country. THAT I have to tell you is gross compared what the coffee […]

Bad australian customer service - some examples

Samstag, den 23. Januar 2010

Customer Service in australia? - Ha! I thought during the last 12 months that the Germans are super special über-spoiled when it comes to customer service. Australia is a customer service desert - I had to learn it the hard way.
On the list of uncool, mean, evil and bad to worst customer service ever:
Silver Top […]

Swine Flu - Unstoppable

Freitag, den 1. Mai 2009

Is that also such a big topic over there at home?

Character enconding im Navigation Manager (und die neue Version des “Open Text Web Solutions Servers 9″ eigentlich “RedDot CMS 7.6″)

Donnerstag, den 12. März 2009

For you english guys just follow this link to the Unofficial Reddot CMS blog Open Text Web Solutions blog
Watch your "encoding-steps"within Navigation Manager
Nach dem Update auf die fulminante Version 9 des RedDot CMS Open Text Web Solutions Servers mit dem neuen Telerik Rich Text Editor scheint Tidy seine Tage gefristet zu haben. Bislang war [...]

TYPO3 university project with accessible XHTML, LDAP-directory import and many more features online!

Montag, den 9. März 2009

My latest project is now online and works just fine. The website of the HLRS - "High performance computing center Stuttgart" has been redesigned(not by me) and relaunched/reprogrammed(by me) to replace the old non-accessible table-based layout.
After the planned short setup phase for the main project the development of single requirements where defined, implemented, tested and [...]