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Playing Peek-a-Boo: Hiding pages with the Navigation Manager

Sonntag, den 27. Juli 2008

There might be several reasons for hiding pages in the navigation structure, but they have to be connected to the navigation list, to show the website’s navigation correctly:

„Footer pages“ like „Imprint“ or „Terms of use“
Pages for login, error handling (e.g. for 404 or 403 errors), search results
A new navigation branch (e.g. a new product group, [...]

How to avoid finding yourself in the middle of a RedDot project apocalypse

Dienstag, den 15. Juli 2008

After reading a thread on the RedDot Google Group today, the first thought that came to my mind was “If I had to administer this project, I would shoot myself right in the head”:

70 hosted websites in 1 single CMS project
21,000 web pages (5.75 GB) / 13,266 images (4.01 GB)

Say good-bye to performance: [...]

10 RedDot CMS elements - RedDot development and element name conventions

Samstag, den 26. April 2008

Ok, there you are, you developed this great solution with your RedDot CMS, maybe you are calling yourself a RedDot Partner and you think your solution is so called "state of the art"? And then, half a year later your main RedDot CMS developer is on vacation - but your client needs an urgent template [...]

Best practice - Imagemaps in RedDot CMS

Freitag, den 21. März 2008

Craig from New York asked in the RedDot googlegroup if there is a way to build an imagemap in the RedDot CMS and make it editable by non-HTML knowing editors. I think for simple rectangle imagemaps it is. Here is my short summup of how I did it:
I added in the RedDotEditOnlyMode a DIV-Tag with [...]

Best practice - RedDot CMS und Asset Verwaltung

Mittwoch, den 20. Februar 2008

Aufgrund einiger konkreter Fragen muss der Rückblick auf das RedDot Usergroup Treffen noch ein wenig warten. Ich führe dafür heute die Kategorie "best practice" ein. Hier werden meine Vorschläge für die bestmögliche Lösung von Aufgabenstellungen im CMS-Bereich präsentiert und zur Diskussion gestellt. Hierbei sei vorweg gesagt, es gibt nicht immer _die_ Lösung für alle Probleme. [...]