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Peek-a-Boo Part II: Unhiding pages for RedDot CMS SmartEdit users with some CSS

Sonntag, den 27. Juli 2008

The latest post from Frederic works very well and your SmartEdit users still will be able to reach the pages inside the RedDot CMS. But for usability reasons you should extend it just for one more step. Let's take the part marked above with "... show navigation ..." as the following code:

<li><a href="linked_page.html">Linktext</a></li>

That's [...]

RedDot CMS goes Open Source - Enhance your CMS projects!

Donnerstag, den 3. Juli 2008

Three cheers for Frederic Hemberger who published today two nice "Plugin"-like code snippets to enhance your project
1. RedDot UI: DragSort
A little tool, that lets you sort your lists inside RedDot via Drag 'n' Drop.  It's using the jquery Javascript Framework and some ASP code, which contains some RQL(RedDot Query Language). Just a feature every RedDot [...]

Free RedDot .NET Wrapper published by John Allen

Mittwoch, den 18. Juni 2008

Woohoo! What a pleasure! A few days ago I was talking to John Allen, RedDot Webmaster and .Net developer working for and managing the RedDot based website of the Slough Borough Council.
He told me of his RedDot .Net wrapper and I am happy to announce, that he decided to publish it and share in the [...]

RedDot CMS “switch-case-alike” freakout!

Sonntag, den 23. März 2008

Here's just a small code snippet which will fight down some of your daily RedDot horror moments:



    <query valuea="<%opt_fieldtype%>" operator="==" valueb="String:optionOne">

      <htmltext>Case one</htmltext>


    <query type="else">


        <query valuea="<%opt_fieldtype%>" operator="==" valueb="String:optionTwo">

          <htmltext>Case Two</htmltext>



Using the RedDot CMS Query Language (RQL) outside from RedDot

Donnerstag, den 6. März 2008

Hello RedDot CMS partners! And hello RedDot developers! A little snippet to play with. Just for those who did not know until now.
For using RQL scripts outside of RedDot you have to copy the file "Reddot.CMS.Rql.dll" which can be found in "\RedDot\CMS\GAC"
After that "include" the DLL inside your Scriptpage (i prefer .NET) with:

using Reddot.CMS.Rql;

namespace [...]

Bloody RedDot CMS Cache

Montag, den 3. März 2008

Hello Mr. Cache, today I write you to inform you and your friends, Mr. Pagebuilder and Mrs. ProjectGUID, that I found your nest! And I also found the reason, why images referenced by other image elements via RQL are not shown in the RedDot CMS SmartEdit mode.
Yes it's simple and we both know that it [...]

Create a breadcrumb in RedDot CMS with render tags and hide it in your project by using a query

Montag, den 28. Januar 2008

Sharon from the Google Grous “RedDot CMS” asked me, how to hide your breadcrumb (or any other element) on a page (e.g. the “home” of your website). So here’s a short description using render tags and a simple query for creating a XHTML-valid breadcrumb navigation:



 <query valuea="<%inf_pageGUID%>" operator="!=" valueb="String:123CDDB..">

  <htmltext><ul id="breadcrumb"></htmltext>

  <foreach itemname="item" object="Context:CurrentIndex.GetPathArray()">


XHTML 1.0 Strict Template mit Dublin Core Meta Tags - Jeder braucht’s ich hab’s!

Samstag, den 27. Oktober 2007

Für alle, die mal schnell eine neue Seite aufbauen müssen und keine Lust haben, immer wieder alles neu zusammen zu suchen. Hier ein solides Basistemplate für die Erstellung neuer Seiten.
Als Doctype ist XHTML 1.0 Strict (Definition in deutsch|english) angegeben. Ebenso habe ich die gängigen Meta Tags, sowie die leider noch nicht oft genug [...]