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Depending on mobile - Vodafone outage in Perth, WA

Samstag, den 11. Dezember 2010

So I am sitting in Perth, it’s sunny and 32celsius/90fahrenheit outside and my mobile phone doesn’t work.
Actually, my phone works, just my mobile network carrier vodafone doesn’t get their act together.
Since almost 2 hours now.
And that is just days after users all across Australia where complaining about their network quality.
I just realised I need my […]

Should I blog English or not?

Dienstag, den 21. Juli 2009

When starting this blog, the idea was to just keep some notes and if possible share useful information about the Open Text Web Solutions Management Server (which I perhaps never will stop calling “RedDot CMS“).
Since I have decided to live in Melbourne and most of the day I think, speak, write English.
I sometimes miss writing […]

Do you already have a google profile?

Donnerstag, den 23. April 2009

Big brither is watching you and back in time it was kind of cool, to have an anonymous nickname and you contacted people online but rarely met them in reality.
Today almost evberybody uses real names and tries to show the best side or draw a interesting picture without hiding behind a name.

I wonder how long […]

Markus moves to australia
- End of the RedDot and TYPO3 freelancer?

Freitag, den 30. Januar 2009

Yeah! I finally made it. Some of you already knew it before because you were going this way with me. After my trip to australia in september 2008 and some beers with RedDot colleagues at James Suires in Sydney there was this question:
“Do I want to work and live in australia?”

I took my time and […]

RedDot CMS fashion line?

Mittwoch, den 3. Dezember 2008

At the moment I’m working at a gentle client with some RedDot CMS servers and a RedDot LiveServer based Intranet. About 3500 employees and around 150 RedDot editors are working with this setup.
We have a great intranet webmasterteam with 3 persons to keep that whole thing running. Sadly one of the RedDot Admins - Verena […]

Never touch a running search and replace - or switch to another language variant

Sonntag, den 29. Juni 2008

Don RedDot fighting against the RedDot CMS windmill
Just quick and dirty the ticket content as a citation, which reached me yesterday:
Just NEVER change during a “search and replace” job the language variant. This causes fatal consequences for the project and the health of the author (in this example - me). I never saw a […]

The RedDot CMS in three sentences - Das RedDot CMS in 3 Sätzen

Samstag, den 17. Mai 2008

- To me RedDot is like a love-hate.
- On the one hand it has taken way too much time until the Navigation Manager arrived (which still isn’t perfect), on the other hand this platform is so flexible and well tought-out, that I hardly ever had to say “It won’t work”, somehow or other there was […]

Geschützt: FastWordObjects avec Danielle

Samstag, den 15. Dezember 2007

Es gibt keine Kurzfassung, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.

Opera only CSS hack

Donnerstag, den 29. November 2007

Sometimes everything is perfect. Your template looks great in Firefox, IE6 and IE7 and even Safari.
You are ready to implement the whole thing into Your CMS like RedDot or TYPO3 and then you open your Opera browser….
So, for all of you searching a way for a selector which is only interpreted through this wonderful […]