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The most social agency I’ve worked for in Germany

Freitag, den 22. Januar 2010

Social media - it’s the hype, new market, unknown grey field and hottest hottie since slicedBread0.9 or Web 2.0. This new bullshit bingo buzzword just outgrew all the newest shiny marketing fuzz during the last years just when the marketing people began to realize that Web2.0 is a vague and gormless attempt to sell you […]

New job board for RedDot CMS developers / Open Text specialists

Dienstag, den 9. Juni 2009

Dear Recruiter, agencies, freelancers, developers, project managers!
We have a new job board now on the reddotcmsblog.
Feel free to enter your project description, enquiry, search request, whatever you like..

Melbourne - Open Text Web Solutions User Group Meeting June 2009

Dienstag, den 19. Mai 2009

When & Where
Tuesday, 2nd June 2009 - 8:30am
Park Hyatt Hotel Melbourne
1 Parliament Place, East Melbourne, VIC 3002
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Preview of the new Web Solutions Version 10(I will stop calling it RedDot CMS or RedDot LiveServer if you stop searching for these keywords)
Plans about the Web Solutions product roadmap and release plans(They seem to be a […]

New RedDot CMS author aboard - Welcome Frederic Hemberger

Dienstag, den 8. Juli 2008

Frederic Hemberger, young and genius RedDot CMS web developer living and working in cologne for the RedDot Partner today agreed to write some RedDot footage in this blog, which makes me happy happy and jumping around because this would mean, that I can make vacation ;o)
Welcome Fred, I’m impatiently waiting to see what helpful […]

RedDot CMS goes Open Source - Enhance your CMS projects!

Donnerstag, den 3. Juli 2008

Three cheers for Frederic Hemberger who published today two nice “Plugin”-like code snippets to enhance your project
1. RedDot UI: DragSort
A little tool, that lets you sort your lists inside RedDot via Drag ‘n’ Drop.  It’s using the jquery Javascript Framework and some ASP code, which contains some RQL(RedDot Query Language). Just a feature every RedDot […]

Free RedDot .NET Wrapper published by John Allen

Mittwoch, den 18. Juni 2008

Woohoo! What a pleasure! A few days ago I was talking to John Allen, RedDot Webmaster and .Net developer working for and managing the RedDot based website of the Slough Borough Council.
He told me of his RedDot .Net wrapper and I am happy to announce, that he decided to publish it and share in the […]

RedDot CMS security bug - Have you already patched your system to avoid SQL injection?

Samstag, den 10. Mai 2008

RedDot partners and clients might have been wondering, that RedDot contacts them without any ad stuff, but the information, that there is a bug in the RedDot version < that allows everyone who has access to the RedDot CMS login mask executing SQL code. This could mean for example, that a user just executes […]

Using the RedDot CMS Query Language (RQL) outside from RedDot

Donnerstag, den 6. März 2008

Hello RedDot CMS partners! And hello RedDot developers! A little snippet to play with. Just for those who did not know until now.
For using RQL scripts outside of RedDot you have to copy the file "Reddot.CMS.Rql.dll" which can be found in "\RedDot\CMS\GAC"
After that "include" the DLL inside your Scriptpage (i prefer .NET) with:

using Reddot.CMS.Rql;

namespace [...]

16. RedDot Usergroup Tagung in Stuttgart

Sonntag, den 17. Februar 2008

Die Redot Usergroup[1] veranstaltet mittlerweile ihre 16te Tagung und diesmal in Stuttgart. Ziel der RDUG ist es, ein Plenum für die Anwender der Produkte des Oldenburger Unternehmens zu bilden, Erfahrungen auszutauschen und in diesem Bereich das knüpfen von Kontakten zu ermöglichen.
Neben den angekündigten Themen wie Web 2.0 ok, Usability oder "User Centred-Design", ist für mich [...]

Create a grafical teaser overviewpage in RedDot CMS using the Navigation Manager and a bit .NET Scripting

Donnerstag, den 7. Februar 2008

ATTENTION! update 2008-03-04 --  This workaround is no longer proposed! I tested it and it worked fine until you start sorting in navigation manager. After that the sorting result is completely different in the navigation manager than the sorting inside the list in RedDot CMS SmartTree view!
This proposed workaround came from RedDot itself. Thanks for [...]