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Playing Peek-a-Boo: Hiding pages with the Navigation Manager

Sonntag, den 27. Juli 2008

There might be several reasons for hiding pages in the navigation structure, but they have to be connected to the navigation list, to show the website’s navigation correctly:

„Footer pages“ like „Imprint“ or „Terms of use“
Pages for login, error handling (e.g. for 404 or 403 errors), search results
A new navigation branch (e.g. a new product group, [...]

New RedDot CMS plug-in: Clipboard Publisher released!

Samstag, den 19. Juli 2008

As Markus mysteriously disappeared from the Net, I have to write this shameless self marketing rant myself. This is part three of my first "RedDot triology":
With this plug-in you can publish all selected pages in the clipboard at once and choose publishing settings for all affected pages globally. You can choose to publish related [...]

How to avoid finding yourself in the middle of a RedDot project apocalypse

Dienstag, den 15. Juli 2008

After reading a thread on the RedDot Google Group today, the first thought that came to my mind was “If I had to administer this project, I would shoot myself right in the head”:

70 hosted websites in 1 single CMS project
21,000 web pages (5.75 GB) / 13,266 images (4.01 GB)

Say good-bye to performance: [...]

New RedDot CMS author aboard - Welcome Frederic Hemberger

Dienstag, den 8. Juli 2008

Frederic Hemberger, young and genius RedDot CMS web developer living and working in cologne for the RedDot Partner today agreed to write some RedDot footage in this blog, which makes me happy happy and jumping around because this would mean, that I can make vacation ;o)
Welcome Fred, I'm impatiently waiting to see what helpful [...]

RedDot CMS goes Open Source - Enhance your CMS projects!

Donnerstag, den 3. Juli 2008

Three cheers for Frederic Hemberger who published today two nice "Plugin"-like code snippets to enhance your project
1. RedDot UI: DragSort
A little tool, that lets you sort your lists inside RedDot via Drag 'n' Drop.  It's using the jquery Javascript Framework and some ASP code, which contains some RQL(RedDot Query Language). Just a feature every RedDot [...]

Never touch a running search and replace - or switch to another language variant

Sonntag, den 29. Juni 2008

Don RedDot fighting against the RedDot CMS windmill
Just quick and dirty the ticket content as a citation, which reached me yesterday:
Just NEVER change during a "search and replace" job the language variant. This causes fatal consequences for the project and the health of the author (in this example - me). I never saw a [...]

Free RedDot .NET Wrapper published by John Allen

Mittwoch, den 18. Juni 2008

Woohoo! What a pleasure! A few days ago I was talking to John Allen, RedDot Webmaster and .Net developer working for and managing the RedDot based website of the Slough Borough Council.
He told me of his RedDot .Net wrapper and I am happy to announce, that he decided to publish it and share in the [...]

The RedDot CMS in three sentences - Das RedDot CMS in 3 Sätzen

Samstag, den 17. Mai 2008

- To me RedDot is like a love-hate.
- On the one hand it has taken way too much time until the Navigation Manager arrived (which still isn't perfect), on the other hand this platform is so flexible and well tought-out, that I hardly ever had to say "It won't work", somehow or other there was [...]

RedDot CMS security bug - Have you already patched your system to avoid SQL injection?

Samstag, den 10. Mai 2008

RedDot partners and clients might have been wondering, that RedDot contacts them without any ad stuff, but the information, that there is a bug in the RedDot version < that allows everyone who has access to the RedDot CMS login mask executing SQL code. This could mean for example, that a user just executes [...]

10 RedDot CMS elements - RedDot development and element name conventions

Samstag, den 26. April 2008

Ok, there you are, you developed this great solution with your RedDot CMS, maybe you are calling yourself a RedDot Partner and you think your solution is so called "state of the art"? And then, half a year later your main RedDot CMS developer is on vacation - but your client needs an urgent template [...]