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The most social agency I’ve worked for in Germany

Freitag, den 22. Januar 2010

Social media - it’s the hype, new market, unknown grey field and hottest hottie since slicedBread0.9 or Web 2.0. This new bullshit bingo buzzword just outgrew all the newest shiny marketing fuzz during the last years just when the marketing people began to realize that Web2.0 is a vague and gormless attempt to sell you […]

“Social Medialise” & Commercialize - Twitter, Facebook & The Melbourne Marathon

Freitag, den 27. November 2009

Don’t know how I made it or why I even decided to get up at 7am this morning but I did and I came back here with the idea of combining things to “social medialize” a marathon. The ingredients are: Twitter, Facebook, RFID chips, Digital Cameras and of course PEOPLE! Interested?

When should you delete a tweet? #career #reputation

Donnerstag, den 1. Oktober 2009

I just found this flowchart today on some German websites and I thought it might be nice to translate it into English for you.*

A tweet is sent in seconds but seems to be a quite long process where you have to reconsider a lot of questions.The questions shown in this flowchart are:
Did you tweet about […]